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Mother's Day Giveaway

Hello and thank you for entering into our Mother's Day Giveaway. This is actually our First Mother's Day Giveaway and I pray that it is successful and that the winner fully enjoys.

Giveaway Instructions

mother day giveaway 2022.jpg

1. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Subscribe Here.

Once You Have Subscribed to our Channel. Comment Done under the Facebook Post on our business page post that brought you here.

That's It!!! We will be announcing the winner Mother's Day Sunday at 12pm LIVE on our YouTube Channel, so after you subscribe turn on notifications so you'll be alerted of when we go LIVE. The winner will have 24 hours to claim their gift. If winner fails to claim  their gift we will pull names again.

*If you would like a chance at having $100 in your new bag when you get it leave us a review on our Google Page Here.

My momma always told me don't buy a designer purse if I didn't have anything to put in it so I will Not be sending it to you empty if you leave us a Google Review. If you already left us a Google review leave us a Facebook review too.

Thanks in advance for you participation. We appreciate it.

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