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Self Lender Has A New Secured Credit Card For Building Credit

If you have a Self Lender Credit Builder Account you may be eligible for their new secured credit card as well.

Almost everyone is approved for a Self Lender Credit Builder Account because they do not pull your credit reports. That is also a plus because you will not receive a hard inquiry on your credit reports. Although your credit is not pulled they will verify your identity, and you have to be a US Citizen or permanent resident, at least 18 years old. You must also have a valid bank account and social security number. You can't be in an active bankruptcy or owe excess amounts in back child support.

If you don't have a Self Lender Credit Builder account and are in need of building your payment history, which is 35% of your credit score, I would suggest you apply today! You will be on your way to building credit and saving at the same time.

Once you have a credit builder account you'll be one step closer to your very own credit card. After you have responsibly managed your credit builder account for three months and have saved at least $100 you may be eligible to apply for the Self Lender Secured Credit Card. You would simply apply and if approved transfer the money you have already saved in your credit builder account to back your new secured credit card that can be used any where.

How great is Self Lender. They are always creating more products to help their clients increase their credit without breaking the bank. If you are ready to start building credit with Self Lender Apply Now! If you have been unable to get approved for other credit cards this may be an option for you to start turning those no's into yes's.

Did I mention both accounts will report to all 3 credit bureaus? How great is that. They report to Experian, Equifax, and


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