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  • Is credit repair legal?


Yes, credit repair is legal whether it is done by you or a professional. A credit repair company is obligated to let you know that the process can be done on your own.


  • How long is the credit repair process?


The credit repair process is different for each person depending on what is reporting on your personal credit reports. Most consumers start to see results in as little as 45 days.


  • What can be deleted from my credit reports during the credit repair process?

During the credit repair process any information that is reporting incorrectly or any information that is unverifiable must be deleted from you credit reports. Any public records, such as liens, bankruptcy, child support, inquiries, personal information, late payments, charge offs, collections, and more can be removed form your credit reports. It is your right to have a fair and accurate credit report.


  • What is your credit repair process?


The Credit Laboratory’s credit repair process is designed to be stress free and easy. We review a recent copy of all three of your credit reports, then we analyze the information and provide you with an audit.  We challenge all inaccurate information with the credit bureaus and furnishers. We mail all correspondence out on your behalf.  We review your account every 30 days for changes. We help you to build credit as credit building is essential in the credit repair process.


  • Can credit repair really help to increase my credit scores?


Yes, credit repair can really increase your credit scores if it is done the correct way. The credit repair process consists of more than just getting items removed from your credit reports you also must build or rebuild your credit profile. Building your credit profile is where most of your credit score increase will come from.

  • What makes The Credit Laboratory different from any other credit repair company?


Here at The Credit Laboratory your credit goals or our credit goals. We strive to make sure you understand the credit repair process, and how the credit repair process works. We make sure you are educated during the process, and we are available to answer any questions that you may have.

  • If information is deleted from my credit reports, am I still liable for the debt?


Yes, even if an account is removed from your credit reports during the credit repair process, you may still be liable for the debt. To determine if you are still legally liable for the debt will depend on your state, the account type, and they date of your last payment.


  • Does increasing my credit score help?


Yes, repairing your credit and increasing your credit scores can change your life. When you increase you credit scores you pay less in interest rates, deposits, and even on car insurance. Your credit scores play an important role in your life and determine how many extra fees you will pay if you are able to get approved for an account. Having low credit scores can keep you from getting approved for checking accounts as well.

what our clients are saying

"Working with The Credit Laboratory has been such a blessing. They have responded to all of my questions and concerns in a timely manner and has kept me updated throughout the whole process. Very professional and responsive. Highly recommended!!!"

- K. Jemison

"The Credit Laboratory is very professional and they make sure they're there for you. They answer all your questions thoroughly and they provide accurate feedback."

- K. Smith

"I so love The Credit Laboratory. Very professional, very prompt in taking care of business. EXCELLENT in COMMUNICATING. Got our scores to increase over 40 points in a months time; HIGHLY RECOMMEND this service!!! VERY, VERY PLEASED!!!"

- K. Terrell

"Wow!!! I'm speechless of how The Credit Laboratory helped me to master this credit issue! Thanks for PUSHING me to purchasing power! In just 3 months there was a major change for me! Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!"

- S. Manning

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